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Exercise 6

In the position diagramed below Black is an exchange and a pawn up but the bishop on h3 is kind of trapped. And besides 4 Black pawns on the queenside are quite skillfully stopped by 3 White pawns where white bishop is controling many white suqares. Then 3 White pieces are targeting Black weakness on e6. Rook on e5 is well supported by f4 pawn and cannot be removed from that square by direct attack of any of Black pieces.

Still Black is better but has to find a plan in order to destroy White’s boa-like constrict in order to get play for heavy pieces..

White to move.


Meanwhile White wants to step aside with his knight by playing 1.Nh1!? to pass with the king to g3 and make threats against Black’s  bishop. If it happens Black will loose at least the e6-pawn, by defending the h3-bishop with the rook (…Re7-h7). This should  assure us that time is quite valuable for Black and so he should play dynamically.

The question is how?

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